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Program Management

The professional service of program management has developed over years due to the continued increase in project complexity and interdependencies. CPM’s comprehensive program management services provide total program control and keep multiple interrelated projects in-sync, on-time and within budget.

the scope of services include:

  • Strategic time, cost and quality management.
  • Change and issue management.
  • Risk management.
  • Strategic communication.
  • Phase reviews.

Feasibility study management & Bidding process management

the scope of services include:

  • Monitoring and revision for different feasibility stages, market study, Technical study, financial study, Test sensitivity study and final feasibility report.
  • Preparing primary schedule that includes feasibility stage, consultants bidding and awarding stage, design stage till contractors bidding stage.
  • Preparing bid terms & special conditions.
  • Reply on bidders inquiries & preparing technical evaluation reports.
  • Sharing in consultant awarding process.
  • Review consultant contract and modify or suggest contract provisions.

Design management

the scope of services include:

  • Revision for all design stages according to codes and governing regulations.
  • Review tender documents according to applicable codes and requirements.
  • Establish detailed activity network that includes designs and revisions activities.
  • Design change order management.

Construction management

Integrated management of all project components Scope, Time , Cost, Quality, Resources, Communications, Risks, Supplies, Stakeholders through planning & monitoring and control to produce an integrated service to achieve the project budget, time and quality agreed by all stakeholders.

the scope of services include:

  • Preparing time schedules and plans for resources and cost to finish the required scope of work on time, within budget and with the required quality.
  • Project monitoring & control and recommendation of corrective and preventive actions.
  • Contract administration & claims.

Planning & Scheduling

the scope of services include:

  • Project planning to meet client’s priorities and milestones .
  • Project phasing and time frames.
  • Develop project schedule, plans for manpower, resources and cash flows.
  • Long lead items procurement planning.
  • Plan logical sequence according to requirements.
  • Adjust labor force availability and material usage.
  • Attend regular meetings to discuss and review the current status of the project schedule status.
  • Provide regular project schedule reports.

Project Monitoring & Control

the scope of services include:

  • Time/resource control.
  • Milestones achievement tracer.
  • Project’s critical paths delivery report.
  • Monitoring cash flow & and identify variances.
  • Lookahead schedules and resource management.
  • Identify potential time overruns, and put recommendation for preventive actions.
  • Provide recommendations for corrective actions.
  • Reporting on issues, claims and change requests.

Disputes and Claims Management

The least costly method to avoid claims and resolve disputes is to establish an effective claim management program prior to the construction phase. CPM works closely with clients to ensure that the risks are fully understood and their associated costs are completely determined.

the scope of services include:

  • Liability Identification, analysis and evaluation of the factual and contractual issues to determine the liability.
  • Calculating damages and determine the monetary cost of them.
  • Resolving claims based upon its proven track records, CPM will participate in any negotiations arbitration, litigation, or administrative hearings necessary to develop and satisfy resolution of claims.

Developing corporate Project Management Methodology (PMM)

CPM works with organizations and apply the best practices to establish the most suitable methodology that fits to the client’s environment according to the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) as defined by Project Management Institute (PMI)

the scope of services include:

  • Study and analyze the current client’s project management process.
  • Identify the current projects’ problems.
  • Develop the new project management methodology.
  • Spread the methodology awareness amongst the client’s teams.
  • Run the necessary training for the selected core teams.

Establishing Project Management Office (PMO)

CPM works closely with the client to create the PMO.

the scope of services include:

  • Own an overall view of the ongoing projects
  • Introduce the proper project management tools.
  • Taking over the runaway projects.
  • Establish risk mitigation processes.
  • Review and manage the project portfolio.
  • Conduct project reviews and audits.
  • Organize and manage the resource pool.
  • Identify and develop project managers.
  • Training and development.