02/20803764 - 02/20803768


  • Contracting with the National Bank of Egypt
    The National Bank of Egypt has been contracted to implement consultancy services for a residential complex project in the new administrative capital which includes residential buildings, villas, commercial center, bank, social club building.

  • Contracting with the Egyptian General Company for Building Works
    The Egyptian General Company for Building Works was contracted to start the construction of an integrated administrative building finishing in the Rubiky area - 40 km east on the Cairo Ismailia road. The project consists of: 3 construction parts interconnected and finishing glass facades from outside + complete interior finishing – Central Air Conditioning - Marble Flooring - fire network .....).

  • Contracting with New Heliopolis Planning Company
    New Heliopolis Housing and Contracting Company was contracted to plan to exploit the land in New Cairo (Heliopark)

  • "Holding for Construction": The signing of the first contract between the "Project Management" compa
    Eng. Mahmoud Hijazi, Chairman of the Holding Company for Construction and Development, said that the new project management company is in the process of signing the first contract with the “holding for mineral” company before the end of this year to take over the management of its own projects in the market. "The project management company is one of the most prominent new companies established in the public sector with 7 companies during the current year. It is specialized in managing and monitoring the implementation of large projects of public sector companies. In cooperation with the sister companies in the use of subsidiaries of the Holding Company for construction in its projects in the market, stressing that "Holding for the construction of" owns important entities of companies, including the Arab Office for Consulting Engineering and Design and construction companies and housing companies, which can be relied upon in the implementation and management of several projects He pointed out that the new project management company is currently managing the implementation of the shares of construction companies in the major projects, especially the new administrative capital project, which operates 5 companies of the contracting companies of the size of work more than one billion pound In addition to managing the projects of water and sanitation networks financed by the World Bank and implemented by the contracting companies, as well as contributing to the management of housing projects “Bet El-Watan” . He pointed out that the project management tasks carried out by the company depend on the choice of competencies Of the companies working in the major projects, as well as follow-up commitment to time programs of work and reduce the implementation periods, as well as determine the returns of companies from work in large projects.

  • Establishing 7 companies managing the «Holding for constructions »
    The Holding Company for Construction and reconstruction and its subsidiaries have established 7 companies for the development and management of projects, especially as they participate in national projects, most notably the new administrative capital, the Al-Watan project and the new city of Toshka, which pays great attention to the state. In particular the Constitution, that the companies are the company competitiveness of training by 75%, and the National Company for Asset Management and Investment by 80%, and the company for construction and construction equipment by 25%. He explained that the subsidiaries established companies are the company of Egypt for complementary work and Al-Azhar said that the new companies will develop and market the projects in the companies affiliated to the projects, which will increase revenues and profits. He explained that the holding company has companies It has projects in the new administrative capital, the Beit Al Watan project and the new Toshka project, in which the new generation companies established by the subsidiaries contribute to the development and management of the various projects in the company.

  • “Iftar” for construction project management Consultancy
    “Iftar” was held in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding Company Eng. Mahmoud Hijazi and a number of senior positions in the Holding Company was organized for “Iftar” at the headquarters of Republican Guard House in Salah Salem on 21-6-2017 and attended the “Iftar” all employees at the company headquarters and sites at the level of the provinces and gave the word From the Chairman of the Board of Directors / Dr. Magda Talawi to clarify the objectives of the company and its future plan.

  • The President of the Holding Company for Construction: We have established 7 new companies
    the new companies achieve the idea of "self-implementation" within the construction sector of the Ministry of Public Business Sector as the first experience in this regard, pointing out that the new companies are the project management company, asset management, marketing and services, maintenance and training, management and rental equipment and complementary work. ; The service and maintenance company is involved in the Maryland development project, and the complementary business company in New Toshka, together with Mokhtar Ibrahim and EgyCo, has completed the sanitation operations there. In addition to the new projects entered into by the subsidiaries of the construction companies in the new administrative capital. The project management company, Consortium, manages our companies in the new capital, in addition to managing our projects with the World Bank in sewage and Al-Watan projects in New Cairo, implemented by Egyco and Mokhtar Ibrahim. Hegazy pointed to the participation of 5 subsidiaries of the Holding Company for construction and reconstruction in the new administrative capital, namely Hassan Allam, Mokhtar Ibrahim, Egyco and Misr for reinforced concrete and stressing that any return achieved by the new companies benefit the companies Affiliated that participates in its capital and invests therein.